InfraWEB services

IW RWS - Road Weather System

As our expertise and customer needs grow, we have begun to provide service to our customers. The idea of ​​a keli service was born when we piloted our partner’s keli sensors for our customers. The starting point is foresight and the systematic utilization of various measurement data and forecasts.

We also consider the real-time nature of the information and its usability to be essential. With various measurement methods, forecasts and actual data, we can create a snapshot that allows the customer to get the information they need easily and in a timely manner, for example to their mobile device. Our road service got its first users at the end of 2017.

We offer a completely new kind of service to road / street keepers, property owners, maintenance contractors as well as anyone with a need for weather information.

IW Kunto service

The map user interfaces produced by Marjetas’ condition management service can be browsed on several different application platforms: desktop applications, mobile applications, web applications, navigators, etc. In addition to the visual presentation, the application also requires features related to data analysis and publishing.

In addition, the map application is often required to allow the user to search the material based on certain feature data, click to display the feature information, measure with an area or line measurement tool, and retrieve the coordinates of a specific location in the coordinate system of their choice.