Our operation principles


Safety above all else. We want to do our part to promote safer mobility for the users of municipal roadways. Our task is to create the conditions for safe mobility and transportation as it concerns all users of the road, pedestrian and bicycle networks.


We show a new direction, because it’s essential. We usher in the new while respecting the old. We want to show you the right direction, walk courageously out front and get everyone travelling our shared roads.


Live and learn. Our operations are based on established networking with different actors in the field. We have iron-clad professional competence and experience in roadway enhancement. Our gaze is set on tomorrow, and the operational methods of our team are based on new learning and new teaching.

Meet our team


Jari is an old, stubborn man, who is known for his perseverance. Surprise, surprise, his perseverance can also be one of his downfalls! When asked to explain, Jari says that he does understand that one can often get by with less if one learns to give in earlier. Motto: ‘Never, Ever, Give Up!’


Jari Marjeta


Antti is a resident of Turku through and through. He’s an energetic guy that meets with customers and takes the company’s services to all parts of Finland. ‘Take it out as you go, bring it in when you come’ is his motto, because it reflects his efficient and active approach to life.

Director, Customer Relations

Antti Hirvonen


Ville is a geographer who emphasises his ability to visualise the whole. He serves as the compass for Marjetas’ software products, always ensuring the correct direction. Ville is also able to serve our customers in English and Russian.

Head of Geographical Information

Ville Koivisto


Tero is a software development wizard. Although he heads up Marjetas’ software development and ICT team, he is right in there, getting his hands dirty with the rest of the team. Tero’s motto: ‘Together we’re more.’

Head of ICT and development

Tero Heikkilä


Matti is a creative guy who is interested in everything technological. He heads up project work as part of the team. What he has learned through his diverse project work at the company has become his motto: ‘The evening is wiser than the morning.’

Project manager

Matti Molkoselkä


Janne is an infrastructure whiz, who believes in the power of teamwork. The saying ‘You can always learn something new’ describes him well as a person; his relaxed and positive attitude can also be seen and heard in the workplace

Kuntokierre® expert

Janne Jokinen


Keijo is a lively IT specialist, who knows how to take initiative. He utilises software development to help companies deal with the challenges and possibilities that come with digitalisation. Keijo’s motto: ‘Almost everything is possible.’

Software development

Keijo Kangas


Teemu is a diverse infra sector expert, who enjoys challenging himself and encourages others to do the same. His approach to work is like his approach to life – ‘Life is like eating chilli - challenge yourself with the right bite size and, after the initial burn, it’s pure enjoyment’. He also enjoys a range of leisure interests from hunting in the autumn to ice hockey, the military reserves and horse racing.

Kuntokierre® expert

Teemu Kosamo


We have established our rules together as a team


Do what you say you’ll do


Treat others as you want to be treated


Put your best effort into your work


Listen, recognise and consider others


Together we’re more


We do our work diligently, both alone and together


Live and act in a way that leaves no room for worry or regret


Act like a professional


We support each other and our customers